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Our core values

Ever since the beginning, our core values have been at the heart of our company culture. Our core values are what makes us unique in a technically entrenched industry, that can be difficult to understand.


All services that we provide are based on the highest level of expertise in Google-related marketing.

This means that we always work analytically when we develop a unique strategy for each of our customers. When executing the strategy, we focus on the factors where you benefit the most. Each task we carry out, is always quality assured internally by one of our experienced specialists.

In this way, our thoroughness gives your company the best basis for success and continuous growth.


At LAZZAWEB we do not provide you with a package deal that mechanically operates your marketing on Google.

You get a proactive partner who provides you with specialised knowledge on optimising your promotional marketing if we see opportunities that you have not seen yourself. We only succeed when our customers succeed.

Therefore, we best collaborate with businesses that have the will to grow.


We always tell things as they are.

We strive to be equal partners in the path to achieve the best results. This means that we share the successes with you – but also the challenges we may face on the way.

Our approach to elevate your business is based on complete transparency regarding technical opportunities and challenges, as well as a close collaboration, where we as specialists work goal-oriented with deep insight into your KPIs and USPs. In that way, we are able to create significant results.


Honesty is one of the most important values in our daily work.

This, of course, applies to honesty in the dialogue with our customers in the preliminary meetings, the technical analyses and the ongoing collaboration. This also applies to all our employees.

Because only by sharing our experiences and challenges, we have the opportunity to be among the best Google specialists in the industry.


All our consultants' work builds on a high level of professionalism in each of their respective fields.

That is the reason they work at LAZZAWEB. Therefore, we invite you to a collaboration where you through an ongoing personal dialogue will thoroughly learn what we have done for your company – and not least why we have done it.

We show you the way to success on Google and take you on a journey where all is known and explain how we jointly are able to create significant results for you.


The positive approach that many of our customers have acknowledged us for is based on a high level of professionalism, which reflects that we are some of the best in the country at what we do. We attach great importance to staying positive in an industry characterised by intense competition.

Therefore, we also expect a positive attitude from all we work with. Both in collaboration with our customers and amongst co-workers.

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