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Lisa Brødbæk

Business Analyst Intern

I am 22 years old and am in the process of taking my master's degree in Culture, Communication and Globalization with a specialization in marketing and consumption. I am an intern in the sales department at LAZZAWEB for the next six months, where I, among other things will be involved in preparing analyzes for new customers, optimizing pitch material, preparing and writing content for the sales team's LinkedIN and assisting with sparring at weekly meetings between sales and marketing.

Mathias was born and raised in Aalborg and still lives there – a real Aalborg boy!

He has a bachelor’s degree economics and business administration from Aalborg University and will start in September 2021 on his Master of Science in Marketing.

Mathias is a driven gentleman who has already become acquainted with various digital marketing activities, including emails, blog posts, webinars, data work and checking paid advertising.

In addition, he loves football and does not say ‘No thank you!’ to the cake Lemon Half Moon.

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