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Mathias Schjøtt

Head of WEB

The world of websites is constantly evolving, and it is therefore extremely important that I constantly follow the latest trends. At LAZZAWEB, we have the freedom to try out new initiatives, and thereby develop our competencies professionally.

Mathias Schjøtt is Head of our Web department.

He is responsible for the operation of our web department, and ensures that we maintain our high quality.

Mathias is a php ninja. Always smiling and happy, he approaches every project with great passion and seriousness. He always follows a project through to completion, even if it requires extraordinary attention.

Mathias is a true talent for his age. His humility, passion and interest in the profession combined with his incredibly high level of service always makes everything come together. With Mathias on your team you can sleep safely at night, because one thing is for sure, while you sleep safely, Mathias works hard to ensure that your project is completed on time and meets your wishes, visions and requirements.

Mathias has a wealth of experience in programming and web development, and together with our designer he is behind countless great solutions.

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