My academic background as Master of Arts in Danish and my strong personal passion for language and literature plays extremely well with Google's RankBrain. That is why I love seeing the results of my literary efforts in LAZZAWEB on a daily basis.

Rasmus Visti - Head of Copy hos LAZZAWEB

Rasmus primarily writes texts for our SEO clients. Texts that create significant results.

Want to know why Rasmus believes that good content is crucial for top rankings in Google? Hear him talk about his work with LAZZAWEB’s CEO Patrik Lazzarotto in our podcast here: Lyt på Spotify. (In danish)

Rasmus comes from a position as an associate professor of Danish and also has six years of experience as a copywriter and several years of experience as a communications manager for a number of international trading companies and prominent cultural institutions.

That is why we take great pleasure in Rasmus’ competencies, energy and proactive approach in our team, which is reflected in our customers’ success.

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