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A Google Ads agency ahead of its time

Search, YouTube, Google Shopping and Display. Our expertise covers the whole spectrum of possibilities in Google Ads and we are among the best in the industry due to our expert knowledge and tech-based approach to increasing your ROI.

We help you reach new heights with Google Ads – from data to value. We do this through proactive optimisation and presentation of reports, which ensure you the best basis for success month by month.

Our team of experienced specialists not only operate our customers’ Google Ads setup. They work purposefully to expand it. Therefore, we work best with businesses that are motivated by growth.

We only succeed when you succeed.
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Why you should choose us as your Google Ads agency

  • 94% of our customers tell us that we are proactive.
  • We have direct contact and sparring with Google’s headquarters in Dublin.
  • Personal communication with your own Google Ads specialist.
  • Internal quality assurance that ensures optimal performance.

Take your Google Ads results to the highest level possible

Common to all our collaborations is that our focus is always aimed at scaling. This means that we continuously optimise your Google Ads account, thus ensuring an increasing revenue.

With us, you get a partner who organises your setup so your ROI increases with the help of our specialised knowledge on Search Engine Marketing, IT solutions and machine learning technologies.
Much more than a mechanical Google Ads agency
Our specialists employ the most advanced IT stack and high technological systems to analyse data in order to expand your business through Google Ads.
An entire team of proactive specialists
At LAZZAWEB you do not have just one consultant. You have an entire team behind you, who all act as your personal sparring partners and quality assures your Google Ads account on a continuous basis.
Unique, dynamic and scalable pricing model
We strive to grow with our customers. Our deal is therefore based on a flexible structure that follows your growth and ensures you the best basis for success.


We are a team of Google Ads experts who are always at the forefront of the advertising opportunities offered by Google. 


We continuously analyze, produce and optimize your Google Ads account through a targeted strategy, which you yourself help to set the direction for.  


The combination of our knowledge, data and intelligent software together with our proactive approach secures the best results. 

What our customers say

LAZZAWEB has been good at challenging our plans. They are skilled, and have the same values as us. With LAZZAWEB, we have a close contact, and we have come two steps closer to a partner.

Morten Kjær


I will definitely recommend LAZZAWEB to others, due to their very proactive work, we have experienced. It almost speaks for itself when you have created such good results. It just can not be denied.

Christian Aachmann

Shaping New Tomorrow

From the start, our partnership with LAZZAWEB has been very professional. There is no doubt that they are really passionate about what they do. We use LAZZAWEB for both SEO and Google Ads. LAZZAWEB are very proactive in relation to increasing our conversion rate. At the same time, we have received some amazing texts that really match our product.

Camilla Breuner

Skallerup Seaside Resort

We always measure partners around three goals: How they report, how they communicate and the quality of their work (in this case: how many customers do we earn) - Here has LAZZAWEB scored max. Likewise, their entire team are always smiling and welcoming at their office, which means a lot to us.

Mike Vestergaard


98% of customers would recommend LAZZAWEB to their acquaintances and business associates 
94% of customers consider us proactive in a partnership

Meet your Google Ads specialists

Talk to a specialist

Lasse Knudsen

Head of PPC

I proactively work with our clients to create the best possible results for their online advertising in Google Ads.

Bilal Yasin

Senior Paid Search Specialist

I am very results-oriented and ambitious person, also on behalf of my clients. It is important to me to be on the winning team.

Jacob Christensen

Paid Search Specialist

I have a great passion in data driven marketing. The honesty and simple logic behind data appeals to me a lot and I love making the well-founded decisions that create growth for our customers.

Casper Jørgensen

Paid Search Specialist

I am an ambitious and committed Google Ads specialist with a Master of Science in Marketing to back my work. I am passionate about digital marketing and am driven to create results for our customers. In addition, I always seek new knowledge and like to try out new initiatives in the effort to be best-in-class.

Joachim Stenskrog

Associated Paid Search Specialist

The combination of results, continuous optimization and improvement as well as the honesty of the data you work with in online marketing, appeals to me and fits perfectly with my values as a human being.

Kristoffer Kjær

Senior Paid Search Specialist

I enjoy working with Google Ads due to the whole interplay with websites as this harmonizes perfectly with my programming background.

Morten Paamejer Kristoffersen

Associated Paid Search Specialist

I am a goal-oriented and results-oriented person who finds his own success in step with the successful growth of my customers. My competitive and analytical mindset allows me to find joy in thoughtful preparation that paves the way for greater results.

Mathias Reberholt

Paid Search Assistant

In my work at LAZZAWEB, I work with Bilal Yasin to grow our customers as much as possible through a results-oriented and data-driven approach.