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Profitable SEO driven by data and ROI

We are not a supplier of superficial one-size-fits-all solutions. We have an analytical approach to creating a considerable increase in traffic to your website, which leads to increased sales.

Our work rest on a firm foundation of professionalism. Ranging from our technical analyses to strategies and the composition of high-quality content that provides both high rankings on Google and value for your customers.

Our most important goal is to make SEO as profitable as possible for you. Our consultants work goal-oriented to create a constructive and rewarding collaboration, where you profit on the basis of our work.

We provide you with SEO that creates significant value. Both for you and your customers.
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Why you should choose us as your SEO agency

  • 94 % of our customers tell us that we are proactive.
  • Our experienced copywriters produce content of the highest possible quality.
  • Internal quality assurance.
  • Personal communication with your own SEO specialist.

A sustainable SEO strategy

We wish to pursue long-term, result-oriented collaborations with our customers. We make sure that the results we create for you are sustainable.

Our service is based on the deepest insight into Google’s current algorithms, and with a thoroughly tested framework, we develop a unique SEO strategy for your company.

You do not get a standardised SEO solution
We are your proactive partners who seize the possibilities that are relevant for your company - and we optimise exactly where you will receive the most value.
We deal with all parts of the SEO process
From the introductory technical analyses to the execution and composition of high-quality content that provides both high rankings on Google and value for your customers.
The highest level of SEO expertise
Our specialists focus on Google. Only on Google. Therefore, you can expect a service that is based on deep insight into all the mechanisms that give you the best results.

We focus on your target audience

Our inhouse copywriters produce valuable content for your company. You get quality-content that are composed with both your way of communicating and your target audience in mind. Because content that gives value to the visitors on your website is content that converts and is rewarded by Google.

We treat your digital communication with respect. We create synergy between your online identity, your product and the way you convey your message and core values. This approach is embedded in our composition of selling content, internal link structure and tailored metadata.

A 360-degree analysis of your website’s health

Technical SEO can be hard to comprehend, and it can be difficult to know where to start. There are many hidden problems that can occur when you launch a new website or make changes to your existing website.

Our SEO team has made this set of problems tangible. We have developed a framework for a technical analysis where we look at everything from the 404 error, redirect chains, structured data, XML sitemaps to too long meta titles.

In our technical analysis, we introduce you to a to-do list, where we clearly state what needs to change and who has the responsibility to change it. Our goal with a technical SEO analysis is that your website must perform in an exemplary manner.

This is a prerequisite for that we can achieve the best rankings together.

Sustainable link building strategies

We have a strong focus on not only creating results but also understanding them. The better we understand Google’s algorithms, the better we can develop a sound strategy that significantly benefits your domain’s authority.

From many years of experiments and an enormous amount of data, we have developed a framework which is based on creating unique strategies from the concepts strength, relevance and authority.

That ensures faster and durable results for you.

What our customers say

LAZZAWEB has been good at challenging our plans. They are skilled, and have the same values as us. With LAZZAWEB, we have a close contact, and we have come two steps closer to a partner.

Morten Kjær


I will definitely recommend LAZZAWEB to others, due to their very proactive work, we have experienced. It almost speaks for itself when you have created such good results. It just can not be denied.

Christian Aachmann

Shaping New Tomorrow

From the start, our partnership with LAZZAWEB has been very professional. There is no doubt that they are really passionate about what they do. We use LAZZAWEB for both SEO and Google Ads. LAZZAWEB are very proactive in relation to increasing our conversion rate. At the same time, we have received some amazing texts that really match our product.

Camilla Breuner

Skallerup Seaside Resort

We always measure partners around three goals: How they report, how they communicate and the quality of their work (in this case: how many customers do we earn) - Here has LAZZAWEB scored max. Likewise, their entire team are always smiling and welcoming at their office, which means a lot to us.

Mike Vestergaard


Meet your SEO specialists

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Peter Schack

Head of SEO

Today, I use my more than 8 years of experience in SEO and online marketing in general for what is particularly important to me, namely development. Be it the development of a customer's business or the development of the employees in the department.

Kathrine Eriksen

Organic Search Specialist

On a daily basis, I work to improve our customers' rankings, to ensure them growth. I work with strategic planning and execution of optimizations.

Johan Krogh-Hansen

Organic Search Specialist

I always plan any SEO strategy from the user's perspective. To me, good SEO is about putting the user first. It requires a wholehearted effort that really takes the needs of the user seriously. And when I do, we are rewarded with rankings, conversions, and happy customers.

Oliver Frøkjær

Organic Search Specialist

I love creating development and am a results oriented person. Helping others improve is what makes SEO especially exciting for me.

Kasper Hedegaard

Organic Search Specialist

I love data and diving into it, just as I love creating great results for our clients using long-term strategies. I believe that long-term strategies are the way forward as opposed to the quick fixes that are not sustainable over time. By working long-term, you can achieve sustained progress in placements and conversions.

Rasmus Jespersgaard

Organic Search Specialist

For me, SEO is about creating strong user experiences through the interplay between content and technical factors - always based on data. This creates value for both users and companies, which provides long-term results that can be felt on the bottom line.

Daniel Krogh Andersen

Developer & Tracking Specialist

I do in-depth SEO analysis, make informed decisions and execute strategies effectively.