About us

LAZZAWEB is an agency that specialises in Google-related marketing. We are deeply passionate about our profession and each day we strive to create success for businesses that are prepared for growth.

Our journey

A day in 2015, the foundation for LAZZAWEB was made. On the basis of his passion for online marketing and the dream of creating an agency based on honesty, reliability and thoroughness, Patrik Lazzarotto founded LAZZAWEB. Through hard work and a vision to be the best in the industry, Patrik Lazzarotto succeeded in attracting some of the strongest profiles to the company, which in 2018 moved to its current domicile in Aalborg, Denmark.

Today, the very values on which LAZZAWEB was founded, form a solid foundation for a strong, national agency, where the highest level of professional expertise on Google-related services is the focal point. The company is divided into three primary departments; The Google Ads, SEO and Web department, which function in a valuable co-operation, that ensures the continuous quality of the work we carry out for our customers.

Company culture

Our co-operation goes far beyond our core tasks. Each month we make a practice of arranging several social activities amongst our associates. In this way, we forge strong bonds that also greatly strengthen our well-established professional communities. Because at LAZZAWEB, we are certain that the sum of our personalities, skills and collective mindset, is what makes the difference.

Social responsibility

At LAZZAWEB we focus on social responsibility. Therefore, we each year support a charity by building a new website for the particular project. Herewith, we create value by contributing with the skills and resources we hold at LAZZAWEB and make it a joint project for the entire company.

The company’s WHY 

To create sustainable growth for our customers.

The company’s vision

We do not want to be the biggest, we want to be the best.

The company’s mission 

To be a specialised partner who creates value and makes a difference.

Patrik Lazzarotto - CEO & Founder
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Mathias Teis - CSO og partner LAZZAWEB
Lasse Knudsen - Head of PPC LAZZAWEB
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