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Mathias Teis

CSO & Partner
+45 71 96 50 21
It is my greatest passion to make others succeed. I have the overall strategic responsibility, and spar with our customers.

Mathias Teis is Partner & Customer Manager at LAZZAWEB.

He creates joy and motivation in the company, and makes sure that the high level of work ethic and good work culture is maintain.

To Mathias, it is extremely important that our customers feel well treated. He advises on the basis of our technical skills and our ability to develop the perfect strategy for our customers.

Mathias is a skilled and experienced advisor, and sets the framework for our customers' strategic solutions.

With several Google certifications Mathias knows what he is talking about. His passion for making a difference always shows, which is why our customers always get something special when they contact LAZZAWEB.

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